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  1. Ms. Styles, I read your book, Draw Me A Picture, a few years ago when you published it under a different name. I remember it being very magical and loved the story even though it desperately needed a good editor. I have deleted the old one from my Kindle and have been trying to find your book again recently. No wonder I could not find your book. You have a new pen name now.

    Anyway, I was able to purchase it again and am reading the book again. Well… I must say I am disappointed. I am not sure why you have felt the need to change some of the things or to add or subtract some scenes. i.e. from pale pink gown to pale gold gown, smart blue coat to brown coat, Pink Room to Mauve Room, Goodwill store to thrift store, of Margaret not learning how to drive and her son’s reaction to it, the missing button incident scene, etc. With these changes, it just lost the magic. Perhaps the first time reader might have a different opinion, but for me who loved your first edition, I was very disappointed. I really thought all you needed to do was to find a good editor to correct your grammars and spellings. I am not sure what kind of editing software you are using now, but it is worse than before. All adverbs with double “L” are missing the first “L”. Not all “blue” coat has been replaced with “brown” coat. It was good to know that I was not losing my mind — I was so sure it was a blue coat!

    I hope you are not changing anything in the second book, Paint Me A Dream. It just needs a good editor. This book is no where to be found as well. Hope you will have it in the market soon.

    I really do hope you have the original version of Draw Me A Picture. I would even pay for the original version to replace the current one. If there is a way to get the original copy, please let me know. I have been looking for this book for a while. Thank you.


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