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The Road to the King (Book One) is an Epic Fantasy Fiction series, a coming-of-age tale, and more, of Joseph Asher of Rishown, peasant youth w–by a single act of bravery–is set upon the road to becoming an elite soldier of the king. Joseph’s arduous trails merely inspire in him perseverance, strengthen his character and leave him with hope, one strong enough to weather the scorn of mankind, rampant religious corruption and the constant threat of invasion from without the borders of the kingdom… and from within.

(Rated ‘T’ for battle-gore, violence & rude humor)

In Service of the King (Book Two) finds Joseph Asher elevated by the king to title and land. In Service of the King eBook coverHe oversees the estate of The Stone Mountain, on the fringes of the Great Bay, but in secret. Making no haste to reveal his new-found wealth, he rides with his fellow Shamar on increasingly important missions for the king.The Monarch is determined to route out the remaining vestiges of corruption that once infested his shores, but even he does not realize how quickly it has re-birthed in the dark, among the treasures of the Deep.

(Rated ‘T’ for battle-gore, violence & rude humor)

In the bitterly cold winter winds of January 1909, Molly Callahan travels with her aging grandfather, Patrick, from their small town in Ireland to Liverpool. Even decades after the Great Irish Famine, food and work were still hard to come by and America alone seems to offer the poor of the world thNew Cover for OTWTA with texte chance at finding a better life. A rush of new sights, smells and faces greet Molly and her grandfather aboard the ultra-modern sea-going vessel The Cedric. After a storm re-routed the ship south, The Cedric takes on more passengers from a foundering ship carrying survivors from the horrific Messina earthquake. Luigi DiMattio, a Sicilian carpenter–traveling with the remaining members of his family–meets Molly, quite by accident. Both families–from different sides of the globe–weather the dangerous trans-Atlantic journey, disease and hunger, as well as the mysterious bureaucracy of Ellis Island in order to reach Freedom. (Historically-accurate fiction. Rated “T” for mild language, thematic material and realistic violence.)

The Inheritance

Dan Martyn never forgave his father for remarrying after the death of his mother, Marie. As a young man, he refused a “handout” job from his father’s Baltimore shipping company, and attended night school while interning at a mechanic shop in Philadelphia. After working years for little pay, Dan carved out a niche for himself in the auto-restoration business, got married and lived somewhat happily… far from the Martyn wealth and its ‘new’ family.News of his father’s death, however, forces Dan to face his anger and embark on a personal quest–spanning three continents–alongside his spoiled half-siblings, his wife and his father’s most trusted aides.

(Rated “T” for mild language, tobacco use, intense situations & rude humor.)

DrawMe a Picture eBook cover 2014 oct.fwAfter being fired & blacklisted from her accounting job in New York City, Michelle Gregory vends drawings on a Midtown Manhattan corner in order to eat. Lonely, she draws the portrait of an Englishman, who walks by her corner–each day–at exactly six minutes past noon. William Montgomery sees the portrait and eventually the two meet. Michelle’s estranged, eccentric uncle, however is William’s new boss. Having finally been re-united with his only niece, Oscar McLane is determined to find out of the Englishman is good enough for her. Book One of a series.

(Warning: this book contains both substance and cliches, sweetness and morality. Rated ‘T’ for thematic material and mild language)

interview cover.fw

A jaded, young reporter conducts a life-altering interview with an aging authoress. A short story based on the lives & loves of close friends. (Rated ‘E’ for Everyone)

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