The Road to the King

Epic Fantasy by Steven Styles & L. R. Styles  Series Vol. 1

A coming-of-age tale of Joseph Asher of Rishown, a peasant youth who–by a single act of bravery–is set upon a road unlike that of any of his peers. Fearsome trials await him, crouching like black panthers along the dark paths Joseph must travel to prove his worth to the mysterious King, and his elite guard, the Shamar.

Despite his woes, hope burns within Joseph, one strong enough to weather the scorn of mankind, rampant religious corruption and the constant threat of invasion, from without the borders of The Kingdom Isle… and from within.

Rated ‘T’ for thematic material, violence, battle-gore, alcohol references, smoking references and rude humor.

Hear Chapter 1 of The Road to the King Audible audio-book on YouTube:



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